ZILLION presents ILUMINATI 5.5.23

ZILLION presents ILUMINATI 5.5.23


Brand new immersive party concept by Frank Verstraeten
More than for music or the infamous Zundays, Zillion was best known for its high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment. Frank Verstraeten built a club like it did not exist before. From moving dance floors, to impressive light installations, to a gigantic aquarium for the dance acts. And if that wasn’t enough, Zillion added fire eaters, wind tunnels, indoor fireworks and numerous other special acts. Visitors lacked ears and eyes and all their senses were stimulated. Once you entered the club you ended up in another dimension, so to speak.

It is that feeling of stepping into a ‘different world and dimension’ that Frank Verstraeten wants to push to the limit with ILUMINATI, a brand new party concept that will take place on Friday 5 May at the Sportpaleis.

And to create that world, no expense will be spared. For example, a gigantic black box is being built in the Sportpaleis. With a capacity of 14,000 people, it is the largest of its kind. As a visitor, you will never have the feeling that you are in a concert hall in that black box. 360° light projections, a constant play of light and 3D illusion, scents and wind, heat and cold and even water and snow, all topped with the deep bass of the Zillion Techno Sound. Whoever steps into the Illuminati Blackbox sharpens all his senses.

“20 years ago, we used all the technology we had at the time to blow visitors to Zillion and take them into another world, with a unique interplay of light and sound. Now, so many years later, the technological possibilities are almost unlimited. With this unique concept I want to bring them together in one gigantic black box and thus bring visitors into an almost new world. I realize it’s hard to describe what you can expect as a visitor, but people have to trust me and believe that I will show them and experience things they’ve never experienced before. Not even the Zillion visitors! For a tech geek like me, this is a dream come true.” said Frank Verstraeten.

Tickets are available at www.zillion.xxx/iluminati > 16.12’22 11:00:00,00 Z-TIME


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