We Are Open Air

We Are Open Air

We Are moving to the heart of the city center of Mechelen for our Open Air edition, meet us at the city hall courtyard on Saturday 17/06.


ENØS (Afterlife, Siamese)
Capoon (Crosstown Rebels, Bedouin Saga)
Axel Haube (Watergate, Eleatics)

As the world turns, we move against the flow.
Gone are the days of boredom.
The time has come to celebrate life
and all that makes it special.
Call your friends, make those plans
and do what you’ve always said you would do.
Good times are coming,
so escape the rat race and join the rave.

Courtyard City Hall
Grote Markt 21
2800 Mechelen

Tickets: https://tiqs.com/wearecityhallmechelen


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