CLOSER with Maxim Lany | Bender | Kimman

CLOSER with Maxim Lany | Bender | Kimman

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of Maxim Lany’s concept, CLOSER, to Ampere. Maxim graced us with an awe-inspiring evening back in February, delivering an unforgettable all-night session. The atmosphere was intimate, with the setup placed closer to the dance floor, complemented by a dazzling display of lights and a sonic journey into the outer reaches of progressive house and melodic techno. Such is the essence of CLOSER: an immersive experience that engages all the senses. Our 360-degree setup will once again be employed for this event, and accompanying Maxim are the talented Ghent-based duo, KIMMAN, and the esteemed American DJ and producer, Bender.


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